Hanging and Holding Accessories

  1. Metal Hooks: various sizes
  2. Clear Plastic Hooks: various sizes
  3. Pear Clip: 2 1/2”
  4. “V” Clip: 1” legs
  5. Squeeze Clip: 3”
  6. “Clip On” Hook Holder: 1”
    (Use with Lexan® Hooks or SignKeeper)
  7. Twist-On Ring: White
  8. White Magnet with Hook: capacity 14 pounds
  9. Metal Jack Chain: #16, capacity 10 pounds

Magnetic Strip with Premium Adhesive Backing

Rolls of flexible magnetic material with a premium adhesive (can be applied to plastics, acrylics and vinyl's, as well as paper products). Thickness is .060mm (1/16”). Various widths available. Can be cut to size.

Double Coated Adhesive Foam Tape

Premium adhesive tape adheres to all smooth surfaces. Available in 1/2” or 3/4” widths.