Ceiling Banner Holders with Hanging Holes

MagnaClamp II

A hard-shell MagnaClamp with hanging holes built into the vertical section. Stock colors are matte black and off-white. Magnets are High-Energy for secure hold.

MagnaClamp III

This is a thin extruded MagnaClamp with holes through the magnet and through the sign. Sign is secured and straight. Stock colors are white or black. Other colors are available.

SignKeeper with Hanging Holes

A clear “snap-shut” holder with built-in hanging holes.

SignKeeper “SureHold”

A clear heavy-duty PVC extrusion with hanging holes through the body of the holder AND through the sign. Use where subjected to direct rays of sun.

Budget SignTopper

A clear extrusion with a “slide-in” insertion. Vertical top section has hanging holes.

"Close to Ceiling"

Slide top of SignKeeper into two hook holders or lower chamber of Sign-EEZ Holder.

Bottom Stabilizers: provides stability at bottom of sign

MagnaClamp II & III

Hinged magnets hold securely onto bottom of sign.

SignKeeper Stabilizer

Fast open and snap shut installation

The “Triangle”

A clear extrusion that slides onto the sign bottom.