The Case Against Ladders

A Solution for Safety Concerns with
Hanging Overhead Signs
Do you want your employees on ladders?
Are your people in the stores trained to use ladders?
Are you willing to take the risk to put your employees in danger while on a ladder?
Are your insurance polices large enough to handle all the claims for using ladders?

Injury is costly! Fall reduction is smart.

OSHA reports the following:

Over 20,000 injuries occur every year with the use of ladders
Over 11,000 of these injuries resulted in work loss from 1 to 364 days
66% of all injured had not been trained on how to use the ladder
53% of the ladders were broken during the yearly injuries
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2011

The Case For “No Ladder System”

Hang Signs from any Ceiling or High Window Without the use of any Ladders!

Remove the danger and potential liability of ladders!
No more moving merchandise out of the way or time wasted going up and down ladders!
Telescoping pole allows banners to reach high ceilings and create uniform displays.

The Solution:

Use a No Ladder System to Hang Signs, Reduce Risk, and Avoid Liability Claims

For Ceilings or High Windows Click Here to Learn More about Sign-EEZ No-Ladder System