Sign-EEZ "No-Ladder" Hanging System

The Case Against Ladders. Learn More.

Hang signs from ANY type of ceiling or high window using our telescopic pole and gripper.

The safe, quick, and easy way to hang signs. No ladders... Ever!


Telescopic pole with Gripper/Pull cord:
Grips Holder to elevate into position. Pull cord releases holder. Telescopic poles are constructed of sturdy aluminum and available in four sizes, extending to 8’, 12’, 18’, and 24’.

Can be modified to meet your ceiling requirements.

For Grid Ceilings:
Use the Magnetic Holder or the Cross-Grid.

For Flatwall Ceilings:
A High-Energy adhesive backed magnetic strip is positioned onto the ceiling. The Magnetic Holder holds to the strip.

Clear Lexan® Hooks:
Block-end slides into lower chamber. Hole in block allows for linking hooks together.

How It Works

Slide Lexan Hooks into magnetic holder and hook to banner rail.

Pull cord on Gripper to grab magnet holder and raise pole and sign to ceiling or window.

Attach magnetic holder to ceiling grid and use cord to release once it is in place.

Additional Sign-EEZ Components

Open Ceiling Holders

The perfect and safest solution for hanging signs on open ceilings, such as warehouse trusses, beams, girders, utility risers and piping. The lower swivel bar can face signage in any direction with a simple twist. The large semi-circle hook openings allow for safe installation, even in the highest of places.

Mall Grid Holders

Mall Grids (wire grid systems often found in malls and other retail outlets) are a great way to add selling space to an otherwise unusable area. The Sign-EEZ Mall Grid Holder is a great solution to add valuable promotional signage safely and effectively. The non-magnetic hooks can slide to adjust to various sizes of grids, and they lock to the banner rail for increased security and stability. Available in 12”, 26” and 36” lengths. Additional sizes can be made to order.

Sign-EEZ "Turn Any Whichway"

The upper chamber of the holder attaches to the ceiling grid and the lower chamber pivots 360° so the sign can face in any direction. The "Turn Any Whichway" option is available on all Sign-EEZ Holders. Available in various sizes. All Sign-EEZ Holders can be installed using MagneCorp's telescopic pole.

Sign-EEZ Cross-Grid

A non-magnetic sign holder that straddles between ceiling grids. The Cross-Grid uses a flat extension on the top of the extrusion that inserts between the ceiling tile and the ceiling grid.

Sign-EEZ Super Hold

The Super Hold is ideal for hanging large and heavy signs from the ceiling. Super Hold uses stronger ceramic or neodymium magnets with either straight or "Turn Any Whichway" designs. This 144" x 30" department sign with steel rods is suspended using two 14" Sign-EEZ Neodymium Holders.

Sign-EEZ Multi-Sign Adaptor

The Multi-Sign Adaptor attaches to the lower chamber of any Sign-EEZ holder allowing for the use of multiple suspension hooks. Create visual impact by hanging a variety of different shapes, sizes, and forms.

Sign-EEZ Multi-Clip

Sign-EEZ Multi-Clip adapts the Sign-EEZ Holders for wire hooks. Multi-Clip slides into lower chamber of Holder