Sign Holding Solutions

A clear fabricated product with a polyester hinge.
MagnaClamp II
An upscale hard-shell extrusion.
MagnaClamp III
A lighter weight extrusion with a smooth exterior.

MagnaClamps with Adhesive Backing

Other backings available as noted below.

MagnaClamps consist of two strips of magnets with matching polarity mounted inside hinged material. Magnets grab together holding inserted material securely. There are three versions, with several varieties of each version offered.
Stock colors for Original MagnaClamp are white, gloss black and matte black. Other colors and custom printing are available.
Folded height is 1”. Any length from 3” (76.2 mm) to 48” (1.21 meters). Butt end-to-end for longer lengths.
Stock colors for MagnaClamp II and III are black and white. Other colors available.
60mil magnet with matching polarity for strong holding power. High energy magnetic is available.

Easy to Use

Flip Open

Insert Material

Flip Shut

Various backings




Static Cling

Notched MagnaClamp

Use where a large number of small signs are displayed together, such as the produce section in food stores. The front portion has a separation every 12” (can be customized), allowing for small signs to be inserted and removed without disturbing other signs.
Two stock sizes available: 36” and 48”.

MagnaClamp Quick Change Frames

Two-Sided MagnaClamp

MagnaClamp at top and bottom.

Four-sided MagnaClamp with Mitered Corners

Adhesive backed, flip open,
insert material, flip shut!

MagnaClamps used in fabrication of other products

The MagnaClamp Hinge

Inward facing magnets in a clear polyester hinge with foam adhesive on both exteriors.

The MagnaClamp Light Box

MagnaClamps used inside light boxes make for quick and easy film change.

MagnaClamp II or III

Provide a quality look for cases and displays.

Where to use MagnaClamp?

Mount on walls and windows, or hang from the ceiling!

Store Signs


Window Signs

Display Signs

Quick-Change Signs


Adhesive backed snap-shut holder. Clear Snap-Shut Sign Extrusion

A clear PVC extrusion backed with foam adhesive to hold and hang items against all types of surfaces.

Available in a variety of sizes.

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